What if You Had 1,000 Diehard Supporters of Your Work?

These are not average, luke warm "scanners."

They are the people that...

...are the first to join your product launch waiting list.

...actively anticipate everything email, blog post and tweet you public.

...multiply your tribe's influence by actively recruiting others.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a thousand of these people supporting your work?

Legend has it that if you gain this critical mass of one thousand people you can rest easy knowing that these people have your back.

No, you don't need millions or fans. You don't need to be a celebrity or a New York Times bestseller. You just need, one-thousand-people.

The question then becomes, how do you find and convert these people into raving fans?

I'll tell you what, it doesn't happen on accident. And if it were so easy, everyone would be doing it.

You need a plan. Preferably one that's proven, and that works across a variety of different markets.

For years I've been building small, die hard tribes, for my own businesses and helping others do the same for their causes. Building a small army of followers isn't anything new, people have been doing it for thousand of years.

But if you want to do it right, you need a strategy.

The 1,000 True Fans guide shows you everything you need to do to create your own movement, and gain for your first critical mass of supporters.

The best news is that I'm making this guide pay what you want for the first 24 hours. Now you have no excuse but to step up and lead your own tribe.


Here's what you'll get with this
digital guide:

  • Learn the process that we used to build the first 1k True Fans for Paid to Exist and how you can do the same with your own project or business.
  • A detailed workbook that helps implement what you learn immediately.

This is the exact strategy I've used to build my first 1,000 true fans on multiple blogs

I'll be sharing every detail of the process with you. Here's what you'll discover:

  • Why true fans are important and why you should shoot for 1,000 of them.
  • How five key people can help you get 1000 true fans.
  • The secret to making the work not feel like work at all.
  • How to win the battle for people's attention (in a good way).
  • The tasks that used to be optional when building something online that are now required. (These can make or break your business or project!)

Are you ready to
get your first 1,000 true fans?

This guide is pay what you can for the first 24 hours, then it goes up to full price. Get it now before it goes up.


What if I hate it?

Well, there are no refunds on Pay What You Can purchases. But all regular priced goods have a 30 day return period.

What if I love it and want to share my results?

Send me an email via the contact page. I'd love to hear your story!