Eight Valuable Courses to Help You Get Paid to Be You - 40% Off

Are you the kind of person that loves going "all-in"?

Don't want to screw around and just want every tool, resource and guide you could possibly have in your arsenal?

Well, then this kit is for you.

For a limited time you can get all my guides and resources at a ridiculously low price.

Here's everything this insanely valuable kit includes:

Job Escape Kit: Plot Your Transition from Cubicle Dweller, to Self-Employed Renegade - $157

  • 149 page beautifully designed field guide to help you transition from a job to working for yourself.
  • Four powerful quitter case studies to learn from.
  • In-depth interviews with digital nomads.

The Offer to the World Course: Identify Your Unique Value that You Can Get Paid Well For - $97

  • 7 part video course on how to craft an offer to the world based on your unique passions and gifts.
  • Guided workbook to help you uncover your gifts and get clear on your value.
  • Action guide with checklist to keep you focused and implementing.

Tribe Building Course: Get Your First 1,000 True Fans - $97

  • 9 part video course on building a tribe of 1,000 true fans to support your work.
  • Infographic of a tribe-building lead page.
  • Template I personally use to land guest features on the most popular blogs.

How to Wake Up Getting Shit Done: Be More Productive Than Anyone - $35

  • 7 part video course on the techniques I use to get massive amounts of shit done.
  • Productivity analysis worksheet.
  • Guided exercise to start your morning super productive.
  • Step-by-step implementation checklist.

Unlimited Motivation Workbook and Meditation - $35

  • Video: The Four Reasons You're Not Motivated
  • Deepest Why Workbook - get clear on what gets you motivated
  • Motivation meditation to use any time you're feeling stuck

Reclaim Your Dreams Ebook - $27

  • 80 page ebook on how to reclaim your dreams even if you've forgotten know what they are
  • Dream-finding workbook

Hero Story Project - $25

  • 5 part video series on getting clear on the unique story of your brand
  • Infographic of how to create an unforgettable about page for your project
  • Hero story identifying workbook

The Limit Destroying Kit  - $17

  • Limit Destroying Guidebook - why your limiting beliefs are holding you back
  • Limit Destroying Workbook - find and uproot your most insidious limiting beliefs

The Freedom Plan - $17

  • Step-by-step workbook to help you optimize your finances to make quitting your job much easier and less risky

total value: $507

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I've already purchased one of your products?

You'll still be getting a great discount, even if you've purchased one or more of these guides.

When will I receive my download?

After you've paid, you'll receive your download links within a few minutes. If you do no, please contact me immediately and I'll make sure they are sent.

Now is the absolute best time to get the I Want It All Kit, as the price will be going up very soon.

Why is there a minimum of $50 if it's "Pay What You Want"?

The reason for the minimum is to avoid total leachers. I wouldn't feel good having someone pay $1 or $20 for this package. $50 is already over 90% off. You can of course pay more if you think it's worth more. The suggested price is at least $200.



What if I hate it?

Well, there are no refunds on Pay What You Can purchases. But all regular priced goods have a 30 day return period.

What if I love it and want to share my results?

Send me an email via the contact page. I'd love to hear your story!