Ready to build the morning habit that ensures you get shit done?

Want to end every day proud of what you've done?

If you're tired of wondering what the hell happened to the day, keep reading. Taking back your day is as simple as one, small new habit.

It all starts with the single unit of your day. Your life is made up of about 27,000 of them, give or take a thousand.

When you control your days, you control your life. But how often do you wake up feeling truly in control?

How often do you wake up, and before day has even startedyou feel like you've already lost?

I know personally I've had way too many days where I woke up feeling defeated, before the day had even begun. I assumed it would be like all the others, I'd put some things on my to do list, but ultimately, I knew I wouldn't follow through.

Because I couldn't trust myself to get things done, I thought, "why even bother?"

After struggling, creating goals, breaking up with them, recommitting, and falling off again a thousand times, I realized something really important:

When I started my day with the right approach, I made massive progress.

When I started my day with the wrong approach, I guaranteed defeat and frustration.

I realized that I had to take back control of my morning. Not only that, but design my morning on my own terms. When that happened, winning wasn't up to chance, it was guaranteed.

If you want to get off the struggle bus once and for all, and end every single day proud of the progress you've made, then keep reading this.

If you're not sick and tired, haven't struggled enough yet to be done with the roller-coaster, then close this tab now. You're just wasting your time.

Only you know if you're really ready to take back control of your life.

If you are done with the struggle and ready to get serious, I have one question for you:

Are you starting your day like this guy?

Is it by default, or is it deliberate?

The truth is you already have a morning ritual, whether you're aware of it or not. Maybe it's blearily checking your Facebook feed and chugging some coffee before you drag yourself to work.

Whether you knew it or not, that is your morning ritual.

The problem is that this isn't a ritual you've created on your terms.

So, wouldn't it be better if you took your ritual into you own hands?

When you consciously create your own morning ritual, you take your power back. You don't leave your motivation and action to chance. Instead, you ensure that you will follow through, no matter what.

Developing and sticking to a morning ritual is the best way to make creating the life you want inevitable.


Smart people put achieving their ideal lifestyle on autopilot

I imagine if you're anything like me and the hundreds of people I've coached to live on their own terms, there's a lot you want to change about your life right now.

Perhaps you want to completely overhaul your personal fitness, build a business that gives you freedom, or create world-changing art.

Whatever it is, it's not going to happen unless you control the very first hour of your day. This is the crux hour, the lynchpin of your day.

Without deliberately choosing how you wake up, how can you have any hope of succeeding in the rest of your day?

I want to let you in on a secret, that you might have already guessed.

Successful people, the kind of people you look up to, admire and want to be like, do not leave their motivation to chance. They don't leave anything in their lives to chance.

Successful people create habits that make achieving their goals inevitable.


The big problem with not creating your own habits

If you don't determine your habits, someone else will decide them for you. It might be Facebook that controls your time. Or a job that you hate that you're reliant on for your survival.

Whatever it is, if you're not actively working to control how you spend your time, someone else will win. Marketers and developers are all fighting for your attention, which essentially controls your behavior. Do nothing, and chances are, that they will win. You will rent out your mind and time to someone else, to achieve their goals.

My mission is to help you take back your time, take back your habits, so you can create a life on your terms.

However, it's extremely difficult to change all your habits and your entire life at once. We've all done that with New Years resolutions. We vow to change everything, once and for all! It doesn't work.

Having helped thousands of people take back control of their lives and do what they love for a living, I've seen that there is one habit that has the most influence.

It's a keystone habit that helps you change everything else.

That is your morning ritual.

How you start your day is how you are likely to end it. Start it powerfully, with energy, excitement and motivation, and you're 10x more likely to follow through on your goals for the day.

Unfortunately, I can only help so many people 1-on-1. My coaching costs thousands of dollars and isn't accessible to most people.

In order to reach more people, I decided to put all of my techniques, strategies and blueprints into a course that's much more accessible for most people. You'll pay a tenth of the cost you would hiring me personally.

The best part is that you won't be doing this alone. Studies show that when you take on a goal with a partner, you're twice as likely to follow through.

In other words, doing the Morning Dominance course will literally double your chances of actually making this habit stick.

“Jonathan Mead kicks ass. It’s really that simple. He beams an aura of genuine interest and compassion. My blog continues to explode, my passion for my work deepens daily, and I’m finally starting to live my life deliberately.” —Adam Baker


Here's what you'll be learning with the Morning Dominance course

  • How to use triggers to make creating strong habits much easier
  • My exact morning ritual for success, outlined step-by-step
  • The one habit you're already doing that can make creating new habits much easier
  • The four steps to setting yourself up for success with a new morning ritual
  • How to prepare for and overcome setbacks when you fall down
  • The mental traps that are sabotaging you from creating powerful habits
  • The one boring habit you need to make your morning 10x more awesome
  • How to reverse the "waking up defeated" script that's running your life
  • The essential elements of a morning ritual that will help you create your best life ever
  • And a whole lot more


Everything that's included in your membership:

  • Essential video training on creating strong habits
  • In-depth workbook to overcome your limitations and create a powerful ritual that serves you for life
  • Private community to hold you accountable and support you when things are tough
  • Access to ask me unlimited questions through the Facebook group


My Daring Guarantee:

If you don't get results, you don't pay

If you implement everything you learn in Morning Dominance and it doesn't work for you, you get a full refund. No questions asked, no time limit.

I only want you in this if a) You're absolutely committed to taking action and b) You actually get results.

There's no way you won't start waking up more productive, motivated and on fire about your life if you implement everything in this course.

Own Your Day, Or It Will Own You

It's simple really, unless you control the first few minutes and hours of your day, you will be at the mercy of someone else's agenda and all the distractions constantly thrown at you.

It's time that you start waking up on your own terms. It all starts with one small step.

Take the first hour of your day back and watch the rest snowball.

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Frequently asked questions

(with answers, because just the questions wouldn't be too helpful, right?)

How much time will this take me each day?

Your morning ritual will take probably 20 minutes to an 90 minutes, depending on how you design it. How elaborate you want to get with it is up to you. Completing the full course will take about 5-6 hours of learning and implementation time.

How long do I have access for?

Once you sign up, you get access for life. That also includes any upgrades or updates that are done, at any point in time. I'm always updating and adding new resources to my products, so you can look forward to receiving those at no additional cost.

What if I've tried to create a morning ritual before?

Chances are that you didn't have a clear enough motivation for why you're doing it, or lacked accountability to follow through. Morning Dominance will help you with both of these things to ensure this time you really make good on your commitment.


When will it be enough?

I get it. I'm always hesitant and skeptical to pay for courses online. I need to know that they really back things up and that it's proven to work.

I want to remind you that I built this from my work with clients 1-on-1 on habit change, years of personal study, and lots of trial and error.  This isn't just some trendy blog post or Reddit on creating habits. This is a step-by-step, very thought out system that's designed to take you from flailing to powerful, rock-solid habits that serve you for life.

Hiring me would cost you thousands of dollars, but you don't have to do that. you can pay a small fraction of that with this course.

Forget all the hype, forget all the B.S. out there. This works, no matter where you are, or how many other things you've tried.

The best part is it won't take you three hours every morning, and it won't take over your life.

It's a very simple, but intricate process to build one habit, that changes all the other habits in your life.

I know, I know.

It sounds like I'm promising a lot here, and really, I am.

But I wouldn't be offering this if I didn't believe in it 100%.

You can do this alone, for sure. Or you can do it with the course and get all the support and detailed instruction.

If you want to guarantee change, get support, use a process, get accountability. Or keep doing what you've been doing and leave your success to chance.

You’ve been a huge part of my own personal transformation and journey, and I am deeply grateful for you. There are ripples you put out that flowed through me, into the people that I work with today – there are lives being changed, and you were a part of why any of that was ever possible. —Jason Spencer


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