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This program has helped hundreds of every day people quit their dead-end jobs and start doing what they love for a living.

If you want to work for yourself, reclaim your freedom and wake up excited about what you do, this is the best possible course for you.


To ensure your success, here are all the implementation tools you get in Trailblazer:

  • Action-based homework so you know exactly what to do to get immediate results.
  • Weekly, easy-to-follow training modules that guide you step-by-step through the process.
  • Downloadable transcripts of each training module.
  • Checklists to keep you on track with your product creation and release.
  • A proven road map for attracting a small tribe of people ready to buy from you.
  • A scorecard to test your offer before you release it.

What past Trailblazer members have said:

"What caught my attention the most was the Team’s confidence in my ability to manifest what I wanted. He dove straight into what it was that I truly desired and then proceeded to create an explicit plan in which to make it happen, without any moment of doubt in my ability to do so.

One of my desires was to have clients to work with one-on-one in the circus arts and personal training. Prior to the session, I didn’t think it was possible to not only get clients but to also have them pay the price I desired. Before our session I had 0 clients. Within less than a month of working with the Team, I have 5 clients a week paying the price I want."

--Benjamin Weston, Men's Dance Teacher


 Last year I had the privilege of working with the Team in the Trailblazer program. I figured that the program was gong to be good but I didn't realize just how much Trailblazer would help me in my business.

Thanks to the in-depth instruction, focus on personal reflection through worksheets, and interactive community, I am not only a better business partner with a clear vision for our company, but I also have more confidence in what I'm doing.

I can't recommend Trailblazer enough. You rock!

--Ryan Hurst, Gold Medal Bodies Founder


With trailblazer I could focus into the essentials – create a program according to my deep beliefs, motivate my subscribers and launch a product that gave me real fun to design. In the course sales page it was written – Earn at least 1k in six months – thanks to the Team’s invaluable help and insights I could make 4k in seven weeks.

--Lourenco Azevedo, Qigong Teacher


I have a clearer focus on my passion & message, a realization that I *can* do what I want to do and that my whole life is truly integrated and should be. I was able to make $15,000 with an interest list of about 250 people using the steps outlined in Trailblazer.

--Eric Grey, Chinese Medicine Business Owner


I’ve tried starting my business online for a couple years, but it always ended up fizzling out and getting nowhere… Until now. As I mentioned on our final Trail-Blazer call, my biggest takeaway for the course was the group. It was unique in the sense that everyone was coming as readers of your site and ready to start making money doing things they loved. We already had so much in common. I know that I will look back years from now and remember- this was the beginning of my success. I’m very excited for the future. I am honored to be a part of a group of such remarkable people.

--Harley Roxanne, Writer and Coach


"Before I signed on, I had a stagnant blog, a mailing list of four, a dream, and no confidence that I would ever achieve it. With his help, in six short months, I got clear on what I have to offer the world, learned to attract my right people, built a business, and quit my job. I’ve earned over $9000 so far, and I haven’t even launched my flagship product yet!

The Team gave me two invaluable things: solid guidance on what really works, and the confidence to make things happen."

--Cara Stein, Freelance Designer


Each month of Trailblazer has a very specific mission; you complete that mission you get results. It's as simple as that.

Mission One

Find your passion and your winning idea

  • You'll find the match between what you love to do and how you can serve the world.
  • Craft a rocket-fueled message that propels you forward and attracts your ideal customer.
  • Identify your unique genius that gives you incredible leverage.
  • Test your idea with a proven scorecard that gives you confirmation on whether your passion is a deep-rooted interest and whether or not it can actually make money.

Mission Two

You'll identify a clear outcome with your offer that makes people feel safe to invest.

  • Find the hidden desires that make your offer hard to refuse.
  • Create a comprehensive profile of the people that are actively seeking your "medicine" so they're already receptive to your offer.
  • How to be confident in self-promotion without feeling like you're selling out.

Mission Three

Build your tribe

  • Learn the #1 strategy for building your audience rapidly.
  • How to warm people up and get them to become loyal fans of your content.
  • Creating authority so you cultivate a high level of trust with your audience.
  • How to position yourself as a leader in your niche.
  • Follow along with a case study about how one Trailblazer built an email list of 1,000 people in just a week.

Mission Four

Verify the need

  • How to know exactly what your customer needs before you create something.
  • Setting up a feedback loop so you have an eerily accurate connection with what your people want.
  • Seeing the patterns in what people say and identifying their hidden desires that they'll never admit but are critical for your positioning.
  • Identify an outcome that gets them to see a bigger vision than they thought was possible.

Mission Five

Crafting your product vision

  • A proven blueprint for creating a compelling product that gets people to buy (you can use this with every product or service you create).
  • A simple and painless method for outlining your product/service and creating it quickly with high quality.
  • How to easily create a sales page that isn't cheesy and that your customer actually wants to read.
  • Productivity methods for staying on track while you build your empire.

Mission Six

The invisible launch

  • Learn to create marketing that's so effective people never even feel like they've been sold to.
  • How to seed your audience so that they're primed to invest with you long before you ever direct them to your landing page.
  • Drawing in your customers to your product narrative so that they're anticipating your release (and refreshing the sales page waiting for it to become available to buy).
  • The one thing you can do to ensure that every product or service you create is successful.
  • Releasing your offer in a way that automatically sets you up for success with your next launch

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Forging your way to getting paid to be who you are is a journey of a lifetime. Do you have what it takes?

Of course you want to create your own freedom. But we all want to make sure that going off the path and blazing our own trail is actually going to work. It's scary to step into the unknown.

Maybe you're willing to do whatever it takes, but you don't want to waste your time getting lost in the thick forest of what doesn't matter. Trailblazer will help guide you to following your own path, and making sure you only do the few activities that will really make a difference in your success.

This journey isn't for the faint of heart. But you've made it this far (perhaps for a reason). I know you have what it takes.

Just choose your option below, and we'll see you along the trail.

Yours in freedom,

Cedric Kieffer


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